What it is Like Having a Baby? (Does it Hurt)

Just like anything else, the pain level of having a baby is dependent on the person giving birth. Some mothers say that labor itself is what hurts the most. The fact that a full baby is passing through you and stretching everything is what hurts. Other women say that the cramps are the worst part. Bottom line is that, yes child birth hurts and it is extremely uncomfortable, but in the end, the pain quickly goes away once you hold your new baby.

There are medications that are available to you during child birth such as epidurals; however, there must be a certain amount of time before birth that they need to be administered or they will not help with the pain. It is not a good or bad thing to be given medications to alleviate the pain. Everyone is different and pain tolerance varies between individuals.

After a natural birth, you will be very tired and some women find themselves so tired that they do not remember too much after birth. The pain is still there and your body it stretched that everything just seems to blur.

Some women experience shallow constant pain and other women say they experience short episodes of intense pain. Everyone is different and you can only know for yourself whether child birth is painful or not, is having a baby. That is when you will now how your body will react to child birth.

Many women have found that the more children you have the longer labor takes. The pain levels for each pregnancy are different and vary between pregnancies. There is no way of knowing exactly what you will be experiencing and how much pain you will be in. Labor can take multiple hours or even days. When talking to women who have gone through child birth and are giving you tips and pointers or just telling you stories about their pregnancies, it is important to remember that you are a different person than they are. Some may suggest not having the medication to alleviate your pain because they feel that it does not work or is bad for the baby. Do what you think is right for your pregnancy and consult your doctor if you have any questions or worries about the medication, or the process in which delivery will be performed. It is always good to educate yourself on the topic especially if you are nearing your date or if you are just very unsure as what to do to prepare.

After labor you may remember everything and you may not. Do not worry about the pain and if it is too excruciating, be sure that you communicate that to your doctor or nurse. They will be able to assist you in any way that they can to prepare you for the delivery of your baby and the pain that may be associated with it. Do not try to hide anything from your doctor or nurse. They are there to help you and they will do whatever they can to make you the most comfortable.