Baby Shower Ideas

Baby ShowerThere are many things to think about when throwing a baby shower and what goes into the planning process. When should a baby shower be given? What should be at the baby shower? What games are appropriate and fun to play? The best baby shower ideas like this and much more need to be thought out and planned for a successfully, fun filled party.

Well the most important question to answer, is when should a baby shower be given to the expecting mother? During the last trimester is the perfect time for this event. This allows time for the party before the arrival of the baby. During this time, the mother is anxious for the arrival of her new baby but is not rushing around trying to complete last minute tasks that need to be taken care of before she goes into labor. A baby shower is the last chance an expecting mother has to relax and enjoy some time to have guests over before the arrival of the baby. If the party is given later than the third trimester, there is a possibility that the baby could come sooner than expected.

Baby Showers

It is important that you plan ahead and be sure that dates will not conflict with the mother’s many baby appointments. The invitations for the shower should go out no less than a month before the party date. This allows guests that are invited to plan accordingly. Be sure to include all necessary information in the invitation i.e. the address and a good contact number in the event someone cannot find their way, or to cancel their RSVP in needed.

There are many different items that are brought as gifts to the baby shower. Diapers, wipes and bottles are just a few of the items that are brought but what about other baby needs items? If you are the person giving the party, it is a good idea to collaborate with the guests and try to have a variety of items brought. When I was planning a baby shower for my very close friend, I included a list of items along with the invitation. I provided gift ideas to the guests and I called around letting the guests know how many people were already bringing diapers and so on. Some people do not like this type of approach but if explained the right way, the party guests should understand where you are coming from and be respectful. As a party planner, I was stressed and I had to keep everything on schedule. It was hard but it paid off.

In addition to decorations and gifts, games and activities are also strongly encouraged. The party is a way for the guests to interact as a group and possibly learn a few things about pregnancy and other baby related facts. Use creative ideas that will engage the personality of the expecting mother and guests. If the mother is a more sentimental and easy going person, I would not recommend super energetic games. This could limit the amount of participation in the game and could kill the mood of the party. This is a great opportunity to put thought and meaning into the party and allow all participants to enjoy the party.

There are plenty of ideas for having a fun and relaxing time with the mother. I asked different people and looked on the internet to find different ways to have the best baby shower. I would recommend an open mind and creativity when planning a baby shower. At the end of the day, you are allowing the mother to relax, have a good time and have guests relax as well.