Baby Names/ Naming Your Baby

How do I know what I want to name my baby? What are good baby names that are not too common? These are just a few questions I asked myself when it was that time for me to choose a name for my little bundle of joy. I researched how to pick a good name and other things that I should pay attention to when deciding on a name. A few things that were brought to my attention were: sound, initials and names that age well. I did not even think about some of these things, I was just too excited to pick a beautiful name.

If I did not think about some of these things, it does not hurt to pass on what I learned. Sound is a very important aspect to think about when choosing a name for a baby. I had to say, what felt like hundreds of names, to make sure that the baby’s name did not sound too harsh or out of place with the rest of the family. Also, it is important to make sure that the first name and last name of the baby do not run together.

When naming my baby, I made sure that the initials did not spell a word that could potentially turn into a nickname amongst peers later on in life. There are enough bullies in school that the baby’s initials should not be able to be used to fuel the fire. I want to be able to keep by baby safe and happy. If that means that I should not use a certain name combination then so be it.

Another thing that was pointed out to me when I was researching was to pick a name that age well. I learned that a parent wants to pick a name that will suit the child throughout his or her life. I was trying to think of a name that would not suit an adult and the example that was given was Binky. I read that and thought “Yeah, that makes sense”.

Other things that I thought about when naming my baby were the significance behind the name I was choosing and if there were any family names that I would want to use. I know that my family members would be honored to have a new relative have their name. Choosing names that are already in the family helped with the uniqueness factor that I wanted for my baby. I wanted the name to be unique but also still fit in with the rest of my family.

There is a lot of working that goes into this process. I also looked in many different places that gave a list of baby names to choose from. There are also websites that help you to create a baby name in the form of a quiz. There are so many websites that helped me choose the right name and it also helped me to see which names were the most popular. The top two most popular boys names were Noah and Liam and for the girls, Emma and Olivia. I thought that these were very beautiful names but they were not the right fit for my baby.

I used many websites and reviewed all the names from my family and when I settled on one, it just seemed perfect. My baby’s name sounded beautiful and the name fit in with the family. It was a long process but it was a process worth going through and taking my time with to make sure it was perfect.